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  1. Bag Lady*
    Bag Lady by Marcia Layne 'Memory is precious. Yours, mine, the phone. Just need to know when to press delete.' Marcia Layne’s bold new play will take you on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride as it challenges and celebrates the notion of the angry and strong Black woman
    role: Director /Co- Producer
    location: Lawrence Batley Thetare
    author: Marcia Layne
    producer: Associate Producer- Milan Govedarica
    designer: Amanda Huxtable
    lx designer: Keli Zelzulka
    performances: Bag Lady Touring Autumn 2014 - Spring 2015
    cast: Flo Wilson as Eve

    Posted by Amanda on 20/3/2014

  2. House of Cowards*
    Dannie Abse's rarely seen satire on the human need for a new messiah to lead the way, set in a 1950s provincial town. This play won the 1963 Best Play outside the West End and was featured in Great Plays 1970.
    role: Director
    location: Pentameters
    box office number: 020 7435 3648
    author: Dannie Abse
    producer: Leonie Scott Matthews
    designer: John Dalton / Conrad Blakemore
    lx designer: Richard J.Hillier
    performances: 19
    cast: Christopher Poke, Michael Halden, Vicki Kempton, Jack Badley, Charlotte Gallagher, Damian Lewis, Eluned Hawkins, Simon Purse, Jesse Cooper

    Posted by Conrad on 3/1/2014

  3. A Midsummer Night's Dream*
    Site-specific production with professional and community actors. Funded by Arts Council England and Tower Hamlets.
    role: Associate Director
    location: Cornucopia @ Glamis Adventure Playground
    author: William Shakespeare
    producer: Ella Martines
    designer: Mike Lees
    performances: 9
    cast: Ella Martines, Shannon Palmer, Danielle LaRose, Ben Blyth, Michael Gonsalves, Samuel Toye, Aaron Tavaler

    Posted by Becka on 13/10/2013

  4. Long Day's Journey Into Night*
    O'Neill shares the pain, anguish and guilt faced by his own family. The most shattering revelations come out as the Tyrones hurl accusations and allegations at each other over the course of a day. It is only forgiveness that will release them from the history that continues to haunt them.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Bolton Octagon
    author: Eugene O'Neill
    producer: Bolton Octagon
    designer: James Cotterill
    lx designer: Mick Hughes
    cast: Jessica Baglow Mawgan Gyles Kieran Hill Margot Leicester Brian Protheroe

    Posted by Amy on 17/10/2013

  5. Orpheus Descending*
    Tennessee Williams passionate fable, set in a mississippi river town, with an emphasis on voodoo
    role: Director
    location: SEMO, KURSK
    box office number: 573-651-
    author: Tennessee Williams
    producer: SEMO
    designer: Justin Barisonek
    lx designer: Travis Richardson

    Posted by Bartholomew on 4/4/2014

  6. The Mikado (College production)*
    A University production of 'The Mikado' staged in a garden in an immersive atmosphere complete with garden noises and a real running river.
    role: Director
    location: Manchester University Students' Union
    author: Gilbert & Sullivan
    designer: Tegan GIlmore
    performances: 5

    Posted by Joel on 27/9/2014

  7. Home Free*
    Edie and Angus missed their chance to get on the property ladder and the dream of owning their own home might be fading fast. With rising damp in the walls, and property developers circling like vultures, are bricks and mortar really worth the price that must be paid to secure them?
    role: Director
    location: Finborough Theatre-Vibrant Festival
    author: Sarah Grochala
    producer: Finborough
    cast: Nicola Harrison

    Posted by Stasi on 23/9/2013

  8. The White Witch of Rose Hall*
    Set in nineteenth-century West Indies,against a backdrop of the abolishment of slavery, voodoo, murder, betrayal and lust; A retelling of the legendary Jamaican story inspired by 'true' events of the time.
    role: Associate Director
    location: Lewisham Theatre
    box office number: 0208 690 0002
    author: Simon James Collier
    producer: Joseph Jeffers
    designer: David Shields
    performances: 17

    Posted by Josephine on 4/4/2014

  9. Darkness Spoken*
    Darkness Spoken looks at the troubled relationship of poets Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan, a relationship which bore fruit to some of the finest and most lasting literature to follow the Holocaust.
    role: Director/ Adaptor
    location: Royal festival Hall
    producer: Austrian Cultural Forum / Southbank Centre
    designer: Sound Design Aram Zarakian
    lx designer: Roland Lindner
    cast: Becky Smith Williams, David Pica

    Posted by Ryan on 15/3/2014

  10. Man to Man*
    As the Nazis come to power in Germany, a young widow discovers that her only means of survival is to take on her dead husband’s job, and with it his identity. Her struggle to maintain this extraordinary deception forms the focus of this hauntingly poetic and utterly gripping one-woman tour-de-force.
    role: Director
    location: The Mercury, Colchester
    box office number: 01206 57394
    author: Manfred Karge
    producer: Mercury Theatre, Colchester

    Posted by Tilly on 18/3/2013

  11. Unrelated*
    A new play by DB Horrigan
    role: Director

    Posted by Tom on 21/3/2014

  12. The Only Way is Ethics*
    A mix media festival of exploring the ethics involve with 'The Good Person of Sichuan'.
    role: Director & Curator
    location: Mercury Theatre Colchester

    Posted by Chris on 18/8/2013

  13. The Good Person of Sichuan*
    With an original music by Grant Olding.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: The Mercury Theatre, Colchester
    author: Bertolt Brecht, Michael Hoffman
    designer: Takis
    cast: Mike Burnside, Jake Davies, Tanya Franks, Dominic Gately, Justin Pierre, Gary Shelford, Mitesh Soni, Nancy Sullivan, Sue Vincent

    Posted by Laurence on 11/11/2013

  14. Sitting With Thistle*
    It's been snowing for two weeks. Mark and Elyse have been stuck with Mad Alice for three days. She died after two...
    role: Director
    location: Lion & Unicorn Theatre
    author: Marrieta Kirkbride
    producer: Odd Flock Theatre
    designer: Jenny Davies
    performances: 20
    cast: Pascale Morrison Derbyshire, Mathew Foster

    Posted by Simon on 11/8/2013

  15. Wozzeck*
    Keith Warners production of Bergs 20th centuary opera. the production probes the psychological aspects of the opera and plays with the real versus the unreal.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: The Royal Opera HOuse
    box office number: 2000
    author: Alban Berg
    producer: The Royal Opera House
    designer: Stefanos Lazaridis
    lx designer: Rick Fisher
    performances: 6

    Posted by William on 5/11/2013

  16. The Fu Manchu Complex*
    Challenging the 'Yellow Peril' racist stereotype, five East Asian actors white up to play the traditional colonials in this hilarious murder mystery in the East End, using physical comedy and the style of the Victorian music hall in a pastiche of classic British cinema.
    role: Director
    location: Oval House
    author: Daniel York
    producer: Mark Cartwright
    designer: Lily Arnold
    lx designer: Richard Williamson
    performances: 15
    cast: Chipo Chung, Jennifer Lim, Paul Chan, Andrew Koji, Moj Taylor

    Posted by Justin on 9/1/2014

  17. Black Jesus*
    Anders Lustgarten's new play.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Finborough Theatre

    Posted by Mark on 20/3/2014

  18. Richard III @ HM Tower of London*

    'Bard in blue jeans' stripped down 45-minute site-specific version of Shakespeare's classic.
    role: Director / producer
    location: HM Tower of London
    author: William Shakespeare
    producer: Bard Unbound / IMTAL-Europe
    designer: Lara Muth
    cast: 6

    Posted by Lara on 26/3/2014

  19. Futureplay*
    Futureplay is an event within Futurefest, a collaboration between Coney and three of the UK's most exciting new start-ups.
    role: Maker, deviser, assistant director
    location: Shoreditch Town Hall
    box office number: NT Box Office
    author: n/a
    producer: Coney/NESTA
    designer: TBC
    performances: 4
    cast: Brian Ferguson

    Posted by William on 13/7/2013

  20. Finding Butterfly*
    A re-telling of Madam Butterfly from the point of view of her son 20 years later. Used the original score and native music and language from Japan.
    role: Associate Director
    location: Limehouse Townhall
    performances: 12

    Posted by Emma on 9/5/2013

  21. Pride and Prejudice*
    A new adaptation of Jane Austen's novel for just two actors.
    role: Director
    location: National Tour
    designer: Dora Schweitzer
    lx designer: Simon Wilkinson
    cast: Joannah Tincey Nick Underwood

    Posted by Abigail on 26/3/2014

  22. The World of Extreme Happiness*
    Sunny leaves her family and her home in rural China for the promise of a job in a factory and a new life. But embracing a bright new future proves harder than she could have imagined. British premiere of Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig's energetic and imaginative journey through contemporary China.
    role: Staff Director
    location: National Theatre
    author: Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig
    producer: National Theatre
    designer: Chloe Lamford
    lx designer: Philip Gladwell
    performances: 35
    cast: Katie Leung, Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Daniel York, Junix Inocian, Sarah Lam & Vera Chok

    Posted by Teunkie on 27/8/2013

  23. She Writes: What's Through the Door?*
    Three plays by women playwrights, inspired by HG Wells' story 'The Door in the Wall’ – an allegorical tale of dark longing and obsession. She Writes: What’s Through the Door? is an unexpected evening of dangerous games, space age fantasy, and questionable reality.
    role: director
    location: 17Percent and Canal Cafe Theatre
    box office number: 020 7289 6054
    author: Sam Hall, Sarah Hehir, and Whoop'n'Wail
    producer: 17 Percent and Canal Cafe Theatre
    performances: 2
    cast: Jonathan Akingba, Sally Beaumont, Mathew Betteridge, Rachel Dobell, and Abla Kandalaft

    Posted by Amy Clare on 29/8/2013

  24. Little Red Riding Hood*

    The circus is over and all the performers have gone home for the night. However, the mischievous Madame Morgana, the circus storyteller’s assistant, is still there and delighted to meet you. She finds the magician’s key and opens the magic box that all the greatest stories come from…
    role: Director/Writer
    location: Grand Theatre Swansea, Gaiety Theatre Dublin
    author: Rosanna Mallinson (devised)
    producer: Theatre Giant
    designer: Clancy Flynn
    lx designer: Clancy Flynn
    performances: 4 in Swasnea, 2 in Dublin
    cast: Emily Hodgeson, Caroline Mathias

    Posted by Rosanna on 17/10/2013

    Returning to his homeland after being bitterly murdered in war, a haunted spirit seeks revenge on those who brought about his death. His lust and desire for the truth leads to one of the bloodiest plays ever written, The Spanish Tragedy.
    role: Director
    location: Blue Elephant Theatre
    author: Thomas Kyd
    producer: lazarus theatre
    designer: Ricky Dukes
    lx designer: Stuart Glover
    performances: 20
    cast: Danny Solomon, Maria Alexe

    Posted by Ricky on 17/4/2014

  26. Iron*
    2 Offie Nominations – best Female Performer and Best Director " a compelling play, with brilliant performances from all four of the cast" Female Arts ***** "this is probably as good a piece of fringe theatre as you're likely to find in London in this year." One Stop Arts ****
    role: Director
    location: The Old Red Lion
    author: Rona Munro
    producer: Bold Over Theatre
    designer: Libby Todd
    lx designer: William Ingham
    performances: 20
    cast: Shuna Snow, Emma Deegan, Don Cotter, Emma Carter

    Posted by Matt on 23/1/2014

  27. Steven Berkoff: Religion and Anarchy*
    I will be directing a selection of Steven Berkoff's One Act Plays at Jermyn Street Theatre with consultant direction and performances from Berkoff himself.
    role: Director
    location: Jermyn Street Theatre
    author: Steven Berkoff

    Posted by Max on 25/4/2013

  28. Don Giovanni*
    17th-century Venice – a city of darkness and shadows, where danger lurks in every alleyway and corruption is rife. In the centre of it all, a man with the power to seduce women at will: Don Giovanni.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Theatre Royal
    author: Mozart/Da Ponte
    producer: Scottish Opera
    designer: Simon Higlett
    lx designer: Mark Jonathan
    performances: 15/10/2013-23/11/2013

    Posted by Stasi on 23/9/2013

  29. Romeo and Juliet*
    A musical re-working of the classic play, set in 1980s Camden.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Ambassadors Theatre
    author: William Shakespeare adapted by Lolita Chakrabarti
    producer: Beth Watling NYT
    designer: James Button
    cast: NYT Rep Company

    Posted by Valentina on 6/1/2014

  30. Funk'n'Love*
    A collaboration with Tigersyle, DYT and The Arches a group of young deaf people tackle the question 'what inspires us? Performed for Arches Live Festival 2012 and will be revived for National Festival of Youth Theatre 2013 "A terrific mix of live performance, music and animation..."
    role: Director
    location: The Arches, Glasgow
    author: Devised
    producer: The Arches and Solar Bear
    cast: Deaf Youth Theatre

    Posted by Jennifer on 8/5/2013

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