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  1. Doubles by Michael Frayn*
    One act play by Michael Frayn
    role: Director
    location: Corbett Theatre
    designer: Ruari Murchinson
    cast: Jack Blackburn, Sally-Anne Badger, Leigh-Anne Gilbert, Matt Darcy

    Posted by Menelaos on 25/3/2014

  2. Sizwe Banzi Is Dead*
    It’s 1972 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Sizwe Banzi’s passbook gives him just three days to find work. No work and he’ll be deported. That was four days ago. When Sizwe stumbles across a dead body and passbook, he asks himself – does his identity card really define who he is?
    role: Director
    location: Young Vic
    box office number: 020 7922 2922
    author: Athol Fugard, John Kani & Winston Ntshona
    producer: Young Vic
    designer: Hyemi Shin
    lx designer: Ciaran Cunningham
    performances: 12

    Posted by Matthew on 23/6/2013

  3. Land of Our Fathers*
    3rd May 1979, South Wales. Thatcher is counting her votes, Sid Vicious is spinning in his grave and six Welsh miners are trapped down a coal mine. Within two weeks everything these men believe in and everything they know will have changed.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Theatre 503
    box office number: 0207 978 7040
    author: Chris Urch
    producer: Tara Finney, Euan Borland, Theatre 503
    designer: Signe Beckmann
    lx designer: Hartley TA Kemp
    cast: Clive Merrison, Patrick Brennan, Paul Prescott, Kyle Rees, Taylor Jay Davies, Joshua Price, Luke Bridgeman (understudy)

    Posted by Bobby on 22/1/2014

  4. Macbeth*
    Rachel O'Riordan's version of William Shakespeare's Macbeth
    role: Associate Director
    location: Perth Theatre

    Posted by Marcus Montgomery on 31/3/2014

  5. One Day This Will Be Long Ago*
    In a forgotten room, deep in the basement of The Arches, we stumble upon a scene already in progress, intensely private, seemingly mundane, yet utterly captivating. It is a scene that will continue long after the audience leaves.
    role: Director
    location: Arches Live
    author: Jenny Knotts/Alexander Horowitz
    producer: Opera Breve
    designer: Stasi Schaeffer/Oliver Gorman
    lx designer: Oliver Gorman
    cast: Brian McBride/Victoria Atkinson

    Posted by Stasi on 23/9/2013

  6. Flight*
    Part of the London Design Festival The Lost Soles theatre presents ten short plays inspired by a photo from the @abandonedshoes twitter feed, imagining who their wearers were and how they came to lose their soles.
    role: Director
    location: Covent Garden
    author: Mike Yeaman
    producer: Riff Raff Productions
    designer: Tom Lake
    lx designer: Tom Lake
    performances: 3
    cast: Sydney Aldridge, Nathaniel Horne, Owen Jenkins and Nathaniel Ogunmuyide

    Posted by Tom on 1/10/2013

  7. The Seaside*
    A wistful look at life in the seaside town of Hastings through the perspective of two people seeing-in the dawn.
    role: Director
    location: The Hen & Chickens
    author: Camilla Whitehill
    producer: London Grey & Green Theatre Company
    performances: 6
    cast: Nicola Coughlan, Nicholas Clarke

    Posted by Charlie on 9/10/2013

  8. A Little While Longer*
    A unique and touching monologue in which a woman reminisces about her life in early 20th Century Newcastle.
    role: Director
    location: The Hen & Chickens
    author: Melanie Hunter
    producer: London Grey & Green Theatre Company
    performances: 6
    cast: Samantha Leverette

    Posted by Charlie on 9/10/2013

  9. Non-Traditional*
    New writing festival on theme of human rights.
    role: Director
    location: Barons Court
    producer: Kibo Productions
    performances: 6
    cast: Rob Firth, Barbora Hanusova, Jonathon Marx

    Posted by Becka on 13/10/2013

  10. Water Under the Board*
    A short play presented as part of Kibo Productions' "Love, Hate, and Human Rights" festival.
    role: Director
    location: Barons Court Theatre
    author: Christopher Adams
    producer: Kibo Productions
    designer: Dan Hutton
    performances: 6

    Posted by Dan on 26/11/2013

  11. Don't Ask Don't Tell*
    A Theatrical response to Russian Article 6.21 and other Human Rights Concerns Worldwide ​In June this year Russian President Putin signed the bill banning ‘Propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors’ into law, provoking international outcry around the world.
    role: Director
    location: Baron Court Theatre
    author: Michael Ross
    producer: KIBO Productions
    performances: 17 - 22 September 2013
    cast: Mischa Resnick and Adam Colborne

    Posted by Victor on 26/1/2014

  12. Box to Line*
    Part of the London Design Festival, The Lost Soles theatre presents ten short plays inspired by a photo from the @abandonedshoes twitter feed, imagining who their wearers were and how they came to lose their soles.
    role: Director
    location: Covent Garden
    author: Deschaney Tate
    producer: Riff Raff Productions
    designer: Tom Lake
    lx designer: Tom Lake
    performances: 3
    cast: Owen Jenkins Carmella Brown

    Posted by Tom on 1/10/2013

  13. The Tomorrow Project*
    The Tomorrow Project works with young artists across London, exploring what the world will look like in 30 years, when they are leading the country. Acting as research and development for a piece next year, the project generates new work that is devised and performed by the participants at the Donmar.
    role: Director / Facilitator
    location: The Donmar Warehouse

    Posted by Phil on 3/4/2014

  14. Abandon*
    A twisted love story all about the journey of two sisters who venture across social media and dodgy dating websites to find Mr.Right, ending with a plot for devious online revenge.
    role: Director / Co-Producer
    location: The Bussey Building
    author: Carrie Byrne & Cat Rosario
    producer: Pure Fluke Theatre
    lx designer: Dimitris Papathanasiou
    performances: 14
    cast: Fiona Cuskelly, Alex Kiffin, Augustina Amoa

    Posted by Natasha on 6/12/2013

  15. A Season in the Congo: Parallel Production*
    A 90 minute version of Aime Cesaire's polemical piece about Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected Prime Minister performed by members of the Young Vic Taking Part company aged 14-21.
    role: Director
    location: Young VIc, Clare Studio
    author: Aime Cesaire
    producer: Imogen Brodie
    designer: Lily Arnold
    lx designer: Andy Purves

    Posted by Justin on 9/1/2014

  16. Opera Scenes*
    Assistant Director on 4 opera scenes for the Opera School at Royal Academy of Music Operas: Midsummer Nights Dream Marriage of Figaro Das Rheingold Cenerentola
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Jack Lyons
    lx designer: Jake Wiltshire

    Posted by Isabelle on 2/2/2014

  17. Othello*

    4 stars: The Scotsman The Public Review Virtual Shropshire Remote Goat
    role: Director
    location: Various
    box office number:
    author: William Shakespeare
    producer: Icarus Theatre Collective
    designer: Christopher Hone
    lx designer: Christopher Withers
    performances: 80

    Posted by Max on 9/4/2014

  18. Scandinavian Heart*

    A 45 minute new musical as part of the the MA in Musical Theatre Composition at Goldsmiths College.
    role: Director
    location: Tristan Bates
    author: Diki Okoh
    producer: Hany Park
    designer: Dan Phillips
    performances: 2
    cast: Liv Austen, Jamie Scott-Smith, Sage Matthews, Charlotte Bloomsbury, Brook Adams

    Posted by Dan on 28/8/2013

  19. Notes from the Underground*
    To coincide with the main stage production of Crime and Punishment, I'm directing a contemporary version of 'Notes from the Underground', devised by the company and based on the novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. A brutal and darkly comic realisation of one man's hate letter to society.
    role: Director
    location: Citizens Theatre
    box office number: 0141 429 0022
    author: Adapted by the company.
    producer: Lucy Hinnie, Michael O'Neill
    lx designer: Alex Fernandez
    cast: Millie Turner Sam Keefe

    Posted by Debbie on 8/9/2013

  20. Neville's Island*
    Four out-of-condition, middle-aged businessmen, sent off on a team-building exercise, succeed in becoming the first people ever to get shipwrecked on an island in the Lake District.
    role: Associate Director
    location: Chichester Festival Theatre
    author: Tim Firth
    producer: Chichester Festival Theatre & Jamie Hendry
    designer: Robert Innes-Hopkins
    lx designer: Howard Harrison
    cast: Ade Edmondson, Rufus Hound, John Marquez & Tim McMullan

    Posted by James on 19/9/2013

  21. Romeo & Juliet*
    British Theatre Guide Review: Fresh intelligent modern interpretation… impeccably directed by Hal Chambers…, Zoe Squire’s inspired set design From the moment that the cast bursts onto the stage to the sound of a pounding electro beat with flashing lights and laser effects, you know this is going to be a very different interpretation'
    role: Director
    location: Reading St Mary's Church
    author: Shakespeare
    producer: RBL Theatre Company
    designer: Zoe Squire
    performances: 20
    cast: Benedict Sanderford, Toby Davies, Charlie Sanderson

    Posted by Hal on 29/1/2014

  22. Springs Eternal*
    1943 America is embroiled in the war when into bohemian household in New York State arrives Dottie, in it appears, an elopement. Cue for a family gathering where entanglements from the past, crises of the present and hopes for the future are played out against a background of far away conflict.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Orange Tree Theatre
    author: Susan Glaspell
    designer: Katy Mills
    cast: David Antrobus, Antony Eden, Miranda Foster, Stuart Fox, Julia Hills, Lydia Larson, Jeremy Lloyd, Auriol Smith

    Posted by Sophie on 23/3/2014

  23. DRY*
    African film partly in Wales - Full length feature of which I was the Art Director. The film is to raise awareness of Fistula. The team was international with Stephanie and Darwin based now in Hollywood.
    role: Art Director
    location: Film on Location
    author: Stephany Linus
    producer: Akaninma Odon
    designer: As Art Director was involved with the design.
    performances: In production and will be out in 2014
    cast: Stephanie O. Okereke, Darwin Shaw

    Posted by Myette on 25/9/2013

  24. Houdini*

    a new play detailing the life and death of the worlds greatest illusionist Harry Houdini
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Gaiety Dublin, Royal Windsor, Grand Blackpool,
    author: Stuart Brennan
    producer: Theatre Giant
    cast: Jamie Nichols, Evanna Lynch, Stuart Brennan, Mark Lyminster

    Posted by Preece on 10/12/2013

  25. Summer Days Dream*
    The first London production in over 60 years.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Finborough Theatre
    designer: Philip Lindley

    Posted by Mark on 20/3/2014

  26. City Love*
    Award-winning writer Simon Vinnicombe takes a funny and unflinching look at how trivial insecurities can send us crashing into self-destruction. Sharp observations transform the mundane into the epic, and Vinnicombe’s slick, witty and agonizingly accurate text will pierce the heart of anyone who has ever been in love.
    role: Director
    location: Bussey Building
    author: Simon Vinnicombe
    producer: The Orange Line Collective
    designer: Zanna Mercer
    cast: Ian Bonar and Natasha Broomfield

    Posted by Sarah on 28/3/2014

  27. The Last Yankee*

    On the wards of a psychiatric hospital, The Last Yankee explores the troubled marriages of two patients. Patricia Hamilton and Karen Frick are both recovering from a nervous breakdown, and their respective husbands meet in the hospital's waiting room.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: The Print Room
    author: Arthur Miller
    producer: The Print Room
    designer: Jamie Vartan
    lx designer: Charles Balfour
    performances: 28
    cast: Andy de la Tour - John Frick Paul Hickey - Leroy Hamilton Kika Markham - Karen Frick Matilda Ziegler - Patricia Hamilton

    Posted by Ryan on 21/8/2013

  28. Shell Shock (Drama with music)*
    Production of a new drama with music about the effects on a soldier and family on his return from the war.
    role: Director
    location: Waterloo East Th. London

    Posted by Matthew on 6/9/2013

  29. People*
    The National Theatre's tour of People by Alan Bennett.
    role: Revival Director
    location: National Theatre on Tour
    author: Alan Bennett
    producer: Pádraig Cusack
    designer: Bob Crowley
    cast: Sian Phillips, Brigit Forsyth, Selina Cadell, Paul Moriarty and Michael Thomas

    Posted by Drew on 2/11/2013

  30. Dreams To Her Father*
    New devised piece exploring a psychological case study, dreaming, value and a dark chapter in European history.
    role: Artistic Director, Lead Artist
    location: mac, Birmingham
    author: Devised by the company
    producer: Teasel Theatre Company/mac
    lx designer: Will Evans
    cast: Caroline Horton, Edward Jaspers, James Wilson, Olivia Winteringham.

    Posted by Edward on 24/10/2010

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