Directors Recent Productions

  1. 2:1 at Rich Mix*
    2:1 uses real stories to depict the journey of Alex and Alex as they embark into the battlefield known as the arts industry. Through merging dance and theatre 2:1 is a tale of power, choice, representation, gender and the gaze. Supported by Arts Council England and London Hub.
    role: Co-Director and Choreographer
    location: Rich Mix Theatre
    box office number: 020 7613 7498
    author: Emma Dennis-Edwards
    producer: Rachael Nanyonjo & The London Hub
    designer: Natalie Jackson
    lx designer: Maria Klochkova
    cast: Archie Backhouse Ellie Dillion-Reams Chloe Bishop Janina Smith

    Posted by Rachael on 20/3/2014

  2. Penelope Retold*
    Retelling of The Odyssey - a one woman show
    role: Writer/performer
    location: Derby Theatre
    producer: Derby

    Posted by Caroline on 27/3/2014

  3. Still I See My Baby*
    A short stint at Theatre503 as part of a double bill with Happiness by Danny Whitehead. The play is currently being translated for production in Paris in 2015.
    role: Writer
    location: Theatre503
    author: Dan Horrigan
    producer: Sky or the Bird
    designer: J William Davis
    lx designer: Phil Spencer Hunter
    performances: 5
    cast: Sonny Beckett, Max Saunders Singer, Ali Kemp, Antonia Davis, Gareth Radcliffe.

    Posted by Dan on 10/12/2014

  4. Anti Valentine*
    A festival of performance.
    role: Producer & Director
    location: BGWMC

    Posted by Vera on 26/12/2014

  5. Ocean of Lonliness*
    The play is set in a tower block in an unnamed modern city where the inhabitants reveal their deepest secrets to an unseen interviewer but not to each other.
    role: Director
    location: Etcetera Theatre
    author: Aaron Anthony Wallace
    producer: Aaron Anthony Wallace
    designer: James O'Donnell
    lx designer: Luis Alvarez
    cast: Alex Barclay, Helen Bang and Shian Denovan

    Posted by James on 28/3/2014

  6. Missing People*
    A collaboration by two theatre companies, on the theme of missing people, drawing on themes from the Balkan wars and equivalents more relevant in Germany, researching taboos, and people excluded from society and family contexts.
    role: co-devising, acting, scenography
    location: Theaterlabor Bielefeld & DAH Teatar Belgrade
    performances: November '13 Belgrade; February '14 Bielefeld

    Posted by Jaya Ruth on 28/3/2014


    In the relentless summer heat, four children retreat into an isolated world left to them by their parents, and attempt to create their own version of a family. Ian McEwan’s first novel, The Cement Garden explores coming of age, burgeoning sexuality and the distortions of a 14-year-old mind.
    role: Director/ Co-adaptor
    location: VAULT
    author: Ian McEwan, David Aula and Jimmy Osborne
    producer: Mat Burt, Heritage Arts Company
    designer: Georgia de Grey
    lx designer: Stuart Webb
    performances: 37
    cast: George MacKay, Ruby Bentall, David Annen, Victoria Gould, Georgia Clarke-Day, Christopher Webster

    Posted by David on 20/3/2014

  8. Operaguide-series*
    An exploration of operas with Dinyés Dániel and opera singers, in association with Ascher Tamás and the Katon Theatre of Budapest.
    role: director/moderator
    location: Katona (Budapest)

    Posted by Pál on 4/11/2014

  9. The Beauty Project*
    Working with 9 local women, Kirsty Housley and Scarlett Pedereau (choreography) started with the question 'how do you feel about the way you look?' and ended with a piece that picked apart gender inequality using the personal experiences of the company
    role: Director
    location: Young Vic, Maria
    author: The Company
    producer: Young Vic Taking Part
    performances: 2

    Posted by Kirsty on 27/3/2014

  10. Hedda Gabler*

    5 Stars: Remotegoat
    role: Director
    location: Various - Touring
    box office number:
    author: Henrik Ibsen
    producer: Icarus Theatre Collective
    designer: Christopher Hone
    lx designer: Christopher Withers
    performances: 25

    Posted by Max on 9/4/2014

  11. What Flows Past the Baltic*
    Rehearsed Reading as part of the Arcola Playwrought Festival of new Writing 2014
    role: Director
    location: Arcola Theatre
    author: Liam Shannon
    producer: Arcola Theatre
    performances: 1

    Posted by Neil on 10/3/2014

  12. A World Elsewhere*
    A quirky, ironic, sentimental, biting examination of the 1968 generation. For those that once dreamed of changing the world, for those that never dared and for those that still dream...
    role: Assistant Director & Stage Manager
    location: Theatre503
    author: Alan Franks
    producer: Theatre503
    designer: Sarah Jane Booth
    lx designer: Dan Saggars
    cast: Toby: Steffan Donnelly Chris: Dan Van Garrett Pippa: Sophia Sivan Elliott: Michael Swatton Mayhew: Crispian Cartwright

    Posted by Eva on 5/1/2014

  13. The Unfortunates*
    An intimate ghost story exploring the life of Jack the Ripper's final victim, Mary Jane Kelly. This one woman show, by american writer Aoise Stratford, combined multi-roling and storytelling to evoke the brutal streets of the Victorian East End and bring to life the colourful characters that walked them.
    role: Director
    location: The Space
    performances: 3
    cast: Lucy Farrett

    Posted by Katherine on 19/2/2014

  14. SHAME*
    SHAME is a high impact Spoken-Word show with integrated Dance and Animation. In this new work of Spoken-Word hiphop-theatre John Berkavitch explores the feeling of shame through a combination of narrative spoken-word, hip-hop and contemporary dance, illustration, animation and music.
    role: Co-Director/Shadow Artist
    location: Roundhouse
    box office number: 0844 482 8008
    author: John Berkavitch
    producer: Catherine Rogers
    designer: Blend
    lx designer: Kush Nubien
    performances: 7 - 11 May 2014
    cast: John Berkavitch, Flo Gunthier, Ed Stephen and Dean Reeve

    Posted by Adelina on 21/3/2014

  15. Shang-A-Lang*
    The first London revival of Catherine Johnson's 1998 Bush comedy about friendship, hitting forty and the Bay City Rollers. '...enjoyably slick, snappy production... Neatly staged... mixes life lessons with verbal zingers... conspicuously well cast and played...' **** The Times
    role: Director & Co-producer
    location: King's Head
    box office number: 020 7478 0160
    author: Catherine Johnson
    producer: Signal Theatre Company
    designer: Christopher Hone
    lx designer: Seth Rook Williams
    performances: 23
    cast: Kellie Batchelor, Tom Craig, Samantha Edmonds, Lisa Kay, Ben McGregor, Tom Woodward

    Posted by Robert on 2/4/2014

  16. Longen ('Lungs')*
    Dutch premiere of Duncan Macmillan's Lungs, for Compagnietheater Amsterdam main house, followed by a tour of the Netherlands. "The sharp, tragicomic text is written as one long dialogue, faultlessly delivered by the two actors in one hour-and-a-half-long flow." - De Telegraaf. "Carefully crafted direction. " - Het Parool
    role: Director
    location: Compagnietheater Amsterdam & Netherlands tour
    author: Duncan Macmillan
    producer: Studio Dubbelagent
    designer: Clement & Sanôu
    lx designer: Floriaan Ganzevoort
    cast: Laura de Boer & Teun Kuilboer

    Posted by Teunkie on 17/5/2014

  17. The Eve of St Agnes*
    Season opening at the Rose Playhouse, Bankside: staged reading with John Keat's poem The Eve of St Agnes, live music and performance.
    role: Director
    location: The Rose Playhouse, Bankside
    producer: The Rose Playhouse, Bankside
    performances: 1

    Posted by Pamela on 28/1/2014

  18. Children of the Ghetto*
    A rehearsed reading of the Israel Zangwill play to honour the 150th anniversary of his birth.
    role: Director
    location: The Jewish Museum

    Posted by Leah on 3/4/2014

  19. The Beauty Project*
    A performance piece in collaboration with YV Taking Part.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Young Vic Maria

    Posted by Rachel on 20/3/2014

  20. Carmen*
    Opera Integra's Production of Carmen.
    role: Director
    lx designer: Nigel Lewis

    Posted by Isabelle on 17/4/2013

  21. Installations for Traces London*
    Designing and building two installations for a site-specific exhibition in Peckham, inspired by the history of the space.
    role: Collaborator
    location: N/A
    producer: Traces London
    designer: Vanessa Pope, Abel Kohen, Jon Rowe and Sim Eldem
    performances: Feb 1 - 12
    cast: N/A

    Posted by Vanessa on 1/4/2014

  22. Snow White Complex*
    A part of Retold fairy tale festival
    role: Director
    location: Goblin Baby
    author: Tilly Lunken
    producer: Tessa Hart
    cast: Chloe Jane Addiscott, Pricilla Adade, Jocasta King

    Posted by Kuba on 27/3/2014

    Jam-packed with some of London’s most exciting international artists, we invite you to an extraordinary evening of performances spanning all art form...
    location: JACKDAW THEATRE
    author: VARIOUS
    producer: AMY CLAMP
    designer: LOREN AISTEIN
    lx designer: PETE MAZEY
    performances: 11/15TH FEB 2014
    cast: VARIOUS

    Posted by Chris on 25/3/2014

  24. And Other Stories*
    In response to our production of Middlemarch, the Orange Tree Writers Collective have adapted short stories by George Eliot’s contemporaries. We present an evening of work-in-progress performances of these new pieces of work.
    role: Director
    location: Orange Tree Theatre
    author: Amber Hsu and Brian Mullin
    performances: 1
    cast: Nick Blakeley, Benjamin Cawley, Esther Ruth Elliott, Gareth Kennerley

    Posted by Sophie on 23/3/2014

  25. Woman in the Dunes*
    Adaptation of 1960s Japanese novel by Abe Kobo.
    role: Director, Writer
    producer: Naoko Masugi, Shiori Hirota
    designer: Lauren Cameron
    lx designer: Simon Gethin Thomas
    cast: Felix O'Brian, Roslyn Paterson, Niall Kerrigan

    Posted by Micha on 15/12/2014

  26. Only Our Own*
    Play on West End.
    role: Director
    location: Arts Theatre
    designer: Chris Faulds

    Posted by Lars Harald on 10/4/2014

  27. Next Door to Alice*
    A site-specific multi-disciplinary promenade performance including 20 performers with and without disabilities. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Opening of 'Heitere Fahne', a new performance venue in Bern.
    role: Artistic Director/Director
    location: Heitere Fahne, Bern, Switzerland
    producer: Kollektiv_Freiraum
    designer: Reni Wünsch
    lx designer: Kollektiv_Freiraum

    Posted by Kathrin Yvonne on 31/3/2014

  28. News Revue (Revue)*
    On going political and satirical revue show.
    role: Director
    location: canal,cafe Th, Maide Vale, London

    Posted by Matthew on 6/4/2014

  29. Valley of Song*

    The premiere of Ivor Novello's final musical on stage. A piece of welsh romance on the eve of World War 1, this nostalgic tale looks at the things that keep a young couple together as they are ripped from each other with a desire to make their stand in the world.
    role: Director and Producer
    location: Finborough Theatre
    author: Ivor Novello
    producer: TARQUIN
    designer: Jacob Hughes
    lx designer: Nic Farman
    performances: 13
    cast: Katy Treharne, Sandy Walsh, Jill Nalder, Linford Hydes, Lee Van Geleen, Amira Matthews, Richard Mark

    Posted by Benji on 3/7/2014

  30. Peter Pan*
    In collaboration with Hall Flying systems, I designed flying fights
    role: Fight Director
    location: SEMO, KURSK
    box office number: 573-651-2265
    author: J.M. Barrie
    producer: SEMO
    designer: Jsutin Barisonek
    lx designer: Travis Richardson

    Posted by Bartholomew on 4/4/2014

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