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  1. Mind The Gap*
    Mind The Gap In 1969 Oswald Laurence recorded 3 words that would become synonymous with London living, for years after, his widow would visit Embankment Station to check 'he was still there', Hot Tubs & Trampolines present an innovative piece of purely visual storytelling, exploring what it really means to feel alone.
    role: Director
    location: New Diorama / Lost Theatres
    designer: Hot Tubs & Trampolines
    performances: 5

    Posted by Matt on 21/5/2014

  2. 'Contractions'*
    Contractions by Mike Bartlett
    role: Director
    location: Alexander Studios (Exeter)
    author: Mike Bartlett
    performances: 3

    Posted by Jamie on 5/6/2014

  3. Everyday Maps for Everyday Use*
    A stunning new play about fantasy and sexuality, and about the blurry and indistinct lines between reality and desire.
    role: Director
    location: Finborough
    author: Tom Morton-Smith
    cast: Michael Kirk, Skye Lourie, Moncef Mansur, Cosima Shaw, Michael Shelford, Harry Lister Smith.

    Posted by Beckie on 24/3/2013

  4. Three Sisters*
    This was a production for Regents University BA 2nd year students. Set in the early 1930s, we explored especially if the Chekhovian themes of late 19th century would apply to an early Stalinesque Russia.
    role: Director
    location: Regents University
    designer: Valerie Kaneko Lucas

    Posted by Kwong on 25/3/2014

  5. Aladdin*

    I acted as Casting Director, made detailed rehearsal notes and was given a significant creative input. As the director/writer was also in the pantomime, I directed scenes he was in and lead sections of the technical rehearsal. I revisited the show at various points in the run to give notes.
    role: Assistant Director / Lyricist
    location: Theatre Royal Windsor
    author: Steven Blakeley
    producer: Theatre Royal Windsor/Bill Kenwright Ltd
    performances: 69
    cast: Included Peter Duncan, Basil Brush, Rosemary Shrager, Michael Winsor, Twist and Pulse, Kevin Cruise, Steven Blakeley, Giovanni Spano, Jasmine Gur

    Posted by Charlotte on 22/9/2014

  6. Scrooge & Marley*
    Scrooge & Marley is Dickens’ masterpiece, A Christmas Carol - but as you’ve never seen it before. Over twenty of Dickens’ characters are brought to life by just two spectacular actors.
    role: Producer
    location: Waterloo East Theatre
    author: James Swanton & George Fouracres
    producer: Dippermouth
    cast: George Fouracres James Swanton

    Posted by Quentin on 27/11/2014

  7. Voices From The Future*
    Voices from the Future is a new project exploring how and why we should write plays about Climate Change.
    role: Director
    location: Arcola Theatre

    Posted by Alexander on 27/3/2014

  8. Non-Lieu*

    A sensible piece about non-sense.
    role: Writer Director
    producer: criticalspace
    cast: Pierre Herran

    Posted by Christophe on 3/2/2011

  9. Wrapped Up*
    Wrapped Up was a new writing festival commissioned by the Drayton spread over 3 weeks, showcasing new short plays and young directors.
    role: Producer
    location: The Drayton Arms

    Posted by Jo on 2/1/2014

  10. Fjellet Finnes*
    Working with a group of young actors (16-18) individually and in groups, I help create new sketches through led improvisation, as well as developing existing material in collaboration with the company. The revue recently won an award for best revue in Oslo.
    role: Visiting director
    location: Foss Upper Secondary School

    Posted by Johanne Margrethe on 29/3/2014

  11. The Bald Prima Donna*

    A grim retelling of Ionesco's The Bald Prima Donna, transferring the story to a nuclear bunker on the advent of the apocalypse. Trapped in a small room, six people find ways to keep themselves amused, and all hell breaks loose when someone forgets the words...
    role: Director and Producer
    location: Old Red Lion Theatre
    author: Eugene Ionesco
    producer: TARQUIN
    designer: Jacob Hughes
    lx designer: Nic Farman
    performances: 30
    cast: Cheska Moon, Darren Beaumont, Rupert Baldwin, Helena Payne, Judy Tcherniak

    Posted by Benji on 3/7/2014

  12. Battis Boy*

    A short play about the secret life of a not yet come-out gay schoolboy in Romford in the 1980s.
    role: Director / Writer
    location: Arcola Theatre
    author: James Martin Charlton
    producer: Miniaturists
    performances: 2
    cast: Jack Hardwicke, Tom Hayes, Nicola Duffett, Michael Gamble

    Posted by James Martin on 17/7/2014

  13. I masnadieri*
    Verdi's rarely performed masterpiece based on Schiller's drama.
    role: director
    location: Hungarian State Opera / Hungarian Opera Cluj
    author: Giuseppe Verdi
    producer: Selmeczi Gyorgy
    designer: Csiki Csaba / Kiss Zsuzsanna
    cast: Hector Lopez Mendoza, Egyed Apollonia, Massanyi Viktor, Sandor Arpad

    Posted by Pál on 26/11/2013

  14. Scandinavia*
    In December 2013 I have led 2 week's worth of R&D workshops for this new script about life in the Midlands (geographically, and mentally). The script was then developed and a rehearsed reading took place in Nov 2014 to seek a venue/producer.
    role: Director
    location: Leicester Square Theatre
    author: Keziah Warner
    producer: N/A
    performances: 2 weeks of workshops/1 reading
    cast: Helen Booth, Jessica Butcher, Charlotte Whitaker, Ben Higgins, Nigel Boyle, Pearce Sampson

    Posted by Faye on 17/11/2014

  15. Judgement Call*
    Three umpires getting reading for the new season. One is haunted by a bad judgement call he gave last season that led to a suicide while the other has his eyes set on the major leagues.
    role: Director
    location: RTS McAllister Studio
    box office number: (011)+416 979 5118
    author: Frederick Stroppel
    producer: Ira Levine
    lx designer: Kris DiPietro
    performances: 1
    cast: Ellis Rockburn, Nicholas Dipchand, Patrick Godin

    Posted by Alexandra on 22/10/2013

  16. A Particle Of Dread(Oedipus Variations)/Field Day/Sam Shepard*
    World premiere of Sam Shepard's play presented as part of Derry City Of Culture 2013. Composer-Neil Martin. Costume-Lorna Mugan. Sound-Sam Jackson
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Playhouse Theatre, Derry
    author: Sam Shepard
    producer: Field Day Theatre Company/Derry City Of Culture
    designer: Set-Frank Conway
    lx designer: John Comiskey
    cast: Stephen Rea, Bríd Brennan, Caolán Byrne,Lloyd Hutchinson,Iarla McGowan, Judith Roddy

    Posted by Sarah on 20/3/2014

  17. The White Guard*
    Third-year production for Drama Centre
    role: Director
    location: The Platform Theatre
    author: Mikhail Bulgakov
    designer: Fly Davis

    Posted by Simon on 22/3/2014

  18. The Orange*
    The Orange was a new, one woman, short piece based on the theme of Stockholm Syndrome and performed as part of the Shorts New Writing Festival.
    role: Director
    location: Landor Theatre
    author: Katie Wimpenny
    producer: Shorts New Writing
    performances: 3
    cast: Katie Wimpenny

    Posted by Spencer Charles on 9/12/2013

  19. The Shape of Things*
    Two girls and two guys get screwed, and screwed over, in this heart-breaking, hilarious play that examines the lengths we can go to for acceptance, the lies we can tell in our most intimate moments, and the meaning of art.
    role: Director
    location: Arcola Theatre
    author: Neil LaBute
    producer: SOT Stage & Arcade Productions
    designer: takis
    lx designer: Paul Green
    performances: 26
    cast: Sean McConaghy, Sean Browne, Harrie Hayes, Anna Bamberger

    Posted by Samuel on 24/4/2014

  20. Nil By Mouth*
    MA project exploring the stigmatisation of mental health in today's society.
    role: Director
    location: RADA, GBS Studio
    author: Devised
    producer: MA Dissertation Project
    performances: 1
    cast: Simon Nader Kendra Jones Caroline George

    Posted by Holly on 11/9/2013

  21. ERNEST - a new musical play*

    Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ gets a musical twist in this new version written and composed by Phil Jacobs. Set in contemporary London, the protagonist Jack embarks on a journey through Wilde’s time.
    role: Director
    location: Etcetera Theatre
    author: Phil Jacobs, based on Oscar Wilde's play
    producer: All In One Theatre Company
    lx designer: Nikki Sutton
    performances: 12
    cast: Samuel Harris, Linford Hydes, Cassandra Foster, Ella Duncan, Kerry Willison-Parry, Amanda Bailey, Brian Eastty

    Posted by Pamela on 4/12/2013

  22. Treasure Island*
    When the great granddaughter of legendary Jim Hawkins discovers his treasure chest she uncovers more than she expected… An exciting tale of childhood friendship and buried treasure. Follow our hero as he encounters famous characters Long-John Silver, Billy Bones and Cap’n Flint the parrot.
    role: Asst. Director
    location: Greenwich and Lewisham Young People's Theatre
    box office number: 020 8854 1316
    author: Emily Hunka
    designer: Jane Macintosh
    performances: 2-22nd December 2013
    cast: Natalia Campbell Chris Nayak Chris Storer

    Posted by Robert on 28/11/2013

  23. WOYZECK*
    Omnibus' inaugural production and a centennial celebration of Büchner's WOYZECK. Transforming the Victorian arches of Omnibus' building into an ill-kept military barracks overtaken by a wild, irresistible Nature. With a cast of 12, live music, puppetry, an immersive design and original score, this production was a thrilling theatre experience...
    role: Director
    location: Omnibus Arts Centre
    box office number: 0207 498 4699
    author: Georg Buchner (trans. Michael Ewans; adapt. RWS)
    producer: Robyn Winfield-Smith
    designer: Fly Davis
    lx designer: Oliver Fenwick
    performances: 18
    cast: RoyceCronin, NigelHastings, KieronJecchinis, NicholasKeith, TomKirk, JudyNorman, RuthRogers, VictoriaRoss, DavidRubin, LiamSmith, EllieWestbrook

    Posted by Robyn on 8/8/2014

  24. True or False*
    Rehearsed reading for Capital Theatre Festival. One of the year's Theatre Uncut plays
    role: Director
    location: MAC, Birmingham
    author: Davey Anderson
    producer: Capital Theatre Festival
    performances: 1
    cast: Morgan Rees-Davies Tom Reeves

    Posted by Nick on 2/1/2014

  25. Cabaret Carnivale*
    Circus-themed cabaret show at Tooting Tram & Social featuring international performer Heather Labonte, all the way from Canada.
    role: Artistic Director/Producer and Performer
    location: Tooting Tram & Social
    cast: Heather Labonte, Rosie Kohl, Trixi Tassels, Little Lady Luscious, Vesper Fontaine, Hula Pixy, Lady Lylith DeHaviland

    Posted by Hannah on 26/11/2013

  26. Joy Child (Rehearsed Reading)*
    Two brothers, their wives, and their young sons share a small flat with their dying mother. When tragedy strikes, the after-effects take an unusual form. Joy Child, a stage adaptation of a short story by Chinese author Yu Hua, explores the nature of revenge and the promise of ‘the future’.
    role: Director
    location: mac Birmingham
    author: Christopher Adams
    producer: Capital Theatre Festival
    performances: 1

    Posted by Dan on 26/11/2013

  27. Carmen*
    Georges Bizet
    role: Assistant Director
    location: The Royal Opera House
    box office number: 020 7240 1200

    Posted by Greg on 22/3/2014

  28. Lizzie Siddal*
    Lizzie Siddal is a new play that tells the dramatic story of the woman who was ‘Ophelia’ in Millais' famous painting. It charts her dazzling trajectory from model to lover to artist, to a tragic figure in her own right.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Arcola Theatre
    author: Jeremy Green
    producer: Copperhead/Peter Huntley Productions
    designer: David Woodhead
    lx designer: Howard Hudson
    performances: 33

    Posted by Georgia on 1/11/2013

  29. The Collective Project*
    8 writers, 8 directors, 12 actors, 12 days. Inspiration taken from collective nouns. The 6 male actors worked with a female creative team and the female actors worked with a male creative teams. Simply staged. I work shopped "Caravan" by Polly Churchill and directed "Dossier" by Guleraana Mir.
    role: Director
    location: Camden People's Theatre
    author: Dossier - Guleraana Mir, Caravan - Polly Churchill
    producer: Pensive Federation
    performances: 6
    cast: Alfie Rowland, Daniel Page, Ryan Wichert, Patrick Neyman, Michael Shon and JP Conway.

    Posted by Sarah on 13/1/2014

    An economic crash, a society turned upside down, a battle of head versus heart. Shakespeare’s masterful play comes to the stage in this all new ensemble production of one of the most controversial comedies of all time, The Merchant of Venice.
    role: Director
    location: Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley
    author: William Shakespeare
    producer: lazarus theatre
    designer: Richard Evans
    lx designer: Stuart Glover
    performances: 18
    cast: Paul C Rogers, Stephen MacNeice

    Posted by Ricky on 17/4/2014

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