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  1. Kill Your Speed: Urban Snail Racing from 1979 to the Present Day*
    This was part of Spaced 2014 at Theatre Delicatessen. Audiences had the opportunity to bet on snail races and to find out more about the fascinating history of urban snail racing.
    role: Director, Writer, Designer, Maker
    location: Theatre Delicatessen
    box office number: n/a
    cast: Lucy McCormick and Michelle McMahon

    Posted by William on 15/4/2014

  2. Commodity*
    A play about the inverted ambition to be a door mat. Part of 6+1 Greek Voices Festival produced by Theatre Lab Company.
    role: Director
    location: Riverside Studios
    author: Natalie Katsou
    producer: Theatre Lab Company
    designer: Becka McFadden
    lx designer: n/a
    performances: 1
    cast: Jon Millington

    Posted by Becka on 20/3/2014

  3. De Verruckti Theodor*
    Oops they did it again. Theodore lost the family savings at the races, son Andreas had a bit too much fun (and booze) at the local nightclub with stripper Lotte. Unfortunately photographic proof of the latter finds its way to the hands of his future mother in law...
    role: Director
    location: LAWUA, Hinwil, Switzerland
    author: Emil Stürmer

    Posted by Eva on 6/1/2014

  4. Pronoun*
    Josh and Isabella are childhood sweethearts. They were meant to spend their gap year together. They were meant to be together forever. But Isabella has now become a boy. A powerful love story about transition, testosterone, and James Dean.
    role: Director
    location: Traverse Theatre/Lyceum Theatre
    box office number: 0131 24804848
    author: Evan Placey
    producer: John Glancy
    designer: Paul Roger
    lx designer: Paul Roger
    performances: 6
    cast: Lyceum Youth Theatre

    Posted by Christie on 20/3/2014

  5. Invincible*
    The recession is biting and so Emily and Oliver have decided to downsize and shift to a small town in the north. They want to live, work and to raise their young children in a friendly community, among what Emily terms ‘real people’, away from the cold anonymity of the city.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Orange Tree Theatre
    box office number: 020 8940 3633
    author: Torben Betts
    designer: Sam Dowson
    lx designer: John Harris
    cast: Daniel Copeland, Laura Howard, Samantha Seager, Darren Strange

    Posted by Sophie on 23/3/2014

  6. Momo*

    Adapted from Michael Ende's Children's book, its the story of a girl who saves her community from an invasion of time stealers.
    role: Director
    location: Touring-Polka, Stratford Circus, Greenwich Theatre
    box office number: 020 8858 7755
    author: Annie Siddons, Osnat Schmool
    producer: Greenwich Theatre, Filament Theatre
    designer: Emma Wee
    lx designer: Charlie Lucas
    performances: 24
    cast: Adebayo Bolaji, Kimberley Blake, David Cummin, Charlie Folorunsho, Luisa Guerreiro, Gavin James, Sandra Marvin, Rebecca Thorn,

    Posted by Sabina on 26/3/2014

  7. Invincible*
    **** FOUR STARS..The Guardian, The Times, What's on Stage, The Arts Desk “If you liked Abigail’s Party, you’ll almost certainly relish Torben Betts’s astute new play... a vibrant combination of a play of ideas and a comedy of bad manners... it could well transfer to the West End.” Kate Bassett, The Times
    role: Director
    location: Orange Tree Theatre
    designer: Sam Dowson
    lx designer: John Harris

    Posted by Ellie on 7/4/2014

  8. Close to You*

    Performer Jennie, desperate for fame, love, and to be like her idol Karen Carpenter, slips into the isolation of disordered eating. This 5* physical one woman show, interwoven with live music taken from the Carpenters, is darkly humorous, deeply moving and an authentic glimpse into a mind eaten away by anorexia.
    role: Director
    location: Southwark Playhouse
    box office number: 020 7407 0234
    author: Jennie Eggleton (collaboration with Sonia Fraser)
    producer: Lauren Burgess
    designer: Sarah June Mills
    lx designer: Guy Jones
    performances: 6
    cast: Jennie Eggleton Adam Sowter (musician)

    Posted by Anna on 2/1/2014

  9. Companion Piece*
    "You know everyone's got things, in private, but if we were all totally honest with each other about things sexually, I don't know that anyone would ever be attracted to anyone else."
    role: Director
    location: Pleasance London
    box office number: 020 7609 1800
    author: Kevin Armento
    producer: Gemma Lloyd
    designer: Petra Hjortsberg
    lx designer: Jo Howcroft
    cast: Mark Arnold, Amy Finegan, Erin Hunter, John Schwab

    Posted by Abbie on 21/3/2014

  10. Odd Shaped Balls*
    Odd Shaped Balls is a new play exploring the difficulties faced by gay sports stars through the eyes of a young rugby player.
    role: Director
    location: The Etcetera Theatre
    author: Richard sheridan
    producer: Miller Theatre Production
    cast: Chris Sheridan

    Posted by Charlotte on 28/3/2014

  11. Faust*
    role: Assistant Director
    location: The Royal Opera
    box office number: 020 7240 1200

    Posted by Greg on 22/3/2014

  12. The Wardrobe*
    Across five centuries of British history, small groups of children seek sanctuary in the same solid, old wardrobe. It's the safest place they know - but is it safe enough?
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Tricycle Theatre
    author: Sam Holcroft
    producer: Tricycle Takeover Festival
    designer: Chris Gylee
    lx designer: Jack Knowles
    performances: 2
    cast: Tricycle Young Company 15 - 18 Ensemble

    Posted by David on 18/11/2014

  13. Extract from Cockroach by Sam Holcroft*

    6 scenes taken from Lucy Kerbel's '100 Great Play for Women' anthology. 6 female directors, 10 women cast. 'Cockroach' by Sam Holcroft: A seemingly normal comprehensive school. The valiant teacher battles on with biology revision but outside the classroom, the world is in the middle of a bloody war...
    role: Director
    location: Etcetra Theatre
    cast: Beth- Liv Austen Mmoma- Caitlin McMillan Leah- Emma White Danielle- Kristen Martinez

    Posted by Anoushka on 7/4/2014

  14. The Suicide Shop*
    A musical adaptation of Jean Teulé's novel 'The Suicide Shop' - developed with the MA Musical Theatre students at Goldsmiths University.
    role: Director
    location: George Wood Studio
    author: Freya Smith and Jack Williams
    producer: Lianne Vinall
    performances: 1
    cast: Lilly Tello Nathalie Harman Nick Fruin Joshua Plummer Elizabeth Jackson

    Posted by Robert on 22/3/2014

  15. Valerie Hobson (Play)*
    Play based on the diaries of Valerie Hobson the wife of Jack Profumo.
    role: Director
    location: Jermyn Street Th, London

    Posted by Matthew on 6/4/2014

  16. Rime [redeveloped] -Second National Tour*

    Circus adaptation of Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner Square Peg are produced by Cirquit Productions Limited with support from the Arts Council England, IdeasTap through the Ideas Fund Edinburgh Award, Roundhouse, Jacksons Lane, The Hangar Arts Trust, University of East Anglia. Rime is co-comissioned by the National Theatre.
    role: Artistic Director
    location: National Tour
    designer: Lise Marker
    lx designer: Will Ingham
    performances: please see website
    cast: Tomos James Rosamond Martin Jean Daniel Brousse Antonio Harris Hege Eriksdatter Isabelle Schuster Nikki Rummer

    Posted by Timothy on 26/3/2014

  17. The Black Monk and Other Stories*
    A monk, an orchard, daring designs and wooden floors Chekhov’s joyful Black Monk and dark Butterfly, performed for the first time in the UK, will appear in the intimate warmth of the unexpected Holborn Workshop.
    role: Kovrin
    location: The Holborn Workshop
    author: Chekhov
    producer: The Holborn Workshop
    designer: The Holborn
    performances: 5
    cast: Jarrah Newman

    Posted by Maria on 14/4/2014

  18. LineUp: Springtime*
    An evening of new writing: 5 new plays presented by Vertical Line Theatre's LineUp at Greenwich Theatre.
    role: Director
    location: Greenwich Theatre
    author: Raul Molina
    producer: Vertical Line Theatre
    performances: 1
    cast: Lanre Malaolu, Andres Ortiz

    Posted by Pamela on 30/3/2014

  19. Therese Raquin*
    1860s Paris. In a small dusty haberdasher’s shop near the Seine in the dank, narrow Passage du Pont Neuf, the young and beautiful Thérèse Raquin is trapped into a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Finborough Theatre
    box office number: 0844 847 1652
    author: Emile Zola
    producer: Jim Zalles
    designer: Laura Cordery
    lx designer: Nei Fraser
    performances: March 25- 19 April 2014
    cast: Julie Atherton Tara Hugo Jeremy Legat Verity Quade Claire Greenway Ellie Kirk Gary Tushaw Christopher Logan James Simpson

    Posted by Victor on 27/3/2014

  20. The Hard Man*
    The first London production since 1985.
    role: Director
    location: Finborough Theatre
    author: Tom McGrath and Jimmy Boyle
    producer: Max Bittleston
    designer: Mike Lees
    lx designer: Charlie Lucas
    performances: 2nd-18th March
    cast: Martin Docherty, Jack McMillan, Adam Harley, Ross F Sutherland, Ross Dunsmore, Ruth Milne and Sarah Waddell

    Posted by Mark on 20/3/2014

  21. I Gave him an Orchid*

    In 1885 Sarah Henley throws herself off Clifton Suspension Bridge. She lives. In 2014 Sarah talks about it and other things that push us over the edge. It is not about suicide, well a bit, but it’s mainly about love and what it makes us do.
    role: Creator/ Performer
    location: English Theatre Berlin, Sophiensaele
    author: Sarah Calver
    producer: Sarah Calver and Carolina Ortega
    designer: Sarah and Carolina
    lx designer: Jenny Eyer
    performances: ETB, Sophiensaele
    cast: Sarah Calver

    Posted by Sarah on 17/4/2014

  22. 'Boxer, Beetle' - A development showing*
    'Boxer Beetle’ is a bloody-thirsty, fish-stinking, time-crossing, gut-churning, heart-swelling, glass-smashing, white-knuckle, tragi-comic buddy-road-trip whodunit with fist fights, Nazis, night trips to the great open spaces, singing, dancing, boxing and gin. And beetles.
    role: Director
    location: Rich Mix
    author: Adapted by Madeline Gould, by Ned Beauman
    producer: Gemma Lloyd
    designer: Petra Hjortsberg
    lx designer: Christopher Howcroft
    performances: 1
    cast: Esh Alladi, Freddie Capper, Matthew Cavendish, Fiona Drummond, Harry Lobek, Sean Rigby, Joel Samuels, Ivy Sayers, Daniel Ward

    Posted by Lauren on 21/3/2014

  23. The Place We go to Hide*
    The film is written and directed by Zawe Ashton, and came about as a result of the Corinthia hotel’s artist in residence programme. The Place We Go To Hide is inspired by the theme of 'The Power of Sleep' centered on two characters meeting and falling in love.
    role: Movement director
    location: BBC and Asylums Pictures
    author: Zawe Aston
    producer: BBC Working Titles & Zawe Aston
    cast: Daisy Lowe and Tom Ellis

    Posted by Rachael on 15/5/2014

  24. As You Like It*

    Rosalind flees persecution in her uncle's court, accompanied by her cousin Celia to find safety and, eventually, love, in the Forest of Arden.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Pleasance Islington and Paris Tour
    author: William Shakespeare
    producer: LAMDA
    lx designer: Matt Cater
    performances: 14

    Posted by John on 18/9/2014

  25. Titus Andronicus*
    Revival of Lucy Bailey's 2008 production of Titus Andronicus.
    role: Assistant Director
    location: Shakespeare's Globe
    author: William Shakespeare
    designer: Bill Dudley

    Posted by Tara on 22/10/2014

  26. We Lost Elijah*
    NT Connexions play at The Bridge Academy.
    role: Assistant to the director
    location: Lyric Hammersmith

    Posted by Dan on 10/12/2014

  27. //Navigate takeover*

    A series of roving performances in response to the Victoria and Albert museum during the museums friday late Hackney Wick takeover. I decided to respond to the outdoor space hosting artist Xu bings installation piece and direct movement to reference the materials within the space.
    role: Performer, director, collaborator
    location: Victoria and Albert Museum
    performances: 1

    Posted by Jasmine on 20/3/2014

  28. A Gaggle of Saints*
    A very physical approach to Neil LaBute's play A Gaggle of Saints. I tried to explore the different layers of love, morality, religion and belief with the bodies of the actors but at the same time enforce the frame and style of this play as a strong narrative and lyrical story.
    role: Director
    location: The Albany Studio
    author: Neil LaBute
    producer: -
    designer: Eva Terzoni
    performances: 1
    cast: Nathalie Barclay (Sue) Laurence Pears (John)

    Posted by Katharina on 20/3/2014

  29. The Endings*

    Three siblings playing in a room. Three siblings who are too old to be playing in a room. Three siblings who can’t get out of the room. A quirky, strange, dark comedy about overpowering family love, where love means imprisonment.
    role: Director
    location: Soho Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse
    author: Sara Pascoe
    performances: 2
    cast: Kirsten Hazel Smith, Ursula Early, Christopher Adlington

    Posted by Susannah on 4/2/2014

  30. This is the Moon, That is the Earth (we are here, we are here)*

    Matt and Matthew want to be astronauts. They want to take the audience on a journey into space. They try really hard, but someone's messed up. They end up competing with each other and trying to steal the limelight, exposing the struggles of failure, storytelling and friendship.
    role: Performer/Deviser
    location: Oval House, CPT, The Yard
    author: Gameshow
    producer: Abby Butcher
    designer: Amy Cook / Dom Kennedy
    lx designer: Josh Pharo
    performances: 8 - 12 April @ The Yard, 5-6 July @ The Bike Shed
    cast: Matthew Evans / Matt Ryan

    Posted by Matt on 6/4/2014

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